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below you can find english version of our products for horses.  Don’t worry if you won’t find informations about something that you’re interested in- just contact us. We’re glad to help!

Our compound feed for horses contains high-quality protein, vegetable fats, extruded ingredients, grains, bran, amino acids, macro- and microelements, including chelates, vitamins and herbs. Careful selection of components, richness of nutritional values and preparation in accordance with nutritional requirements have a positive effect on the proper growth, development, appearance and functioning of animals.

All mixtures are non-GMO!


Complementary feed:

  • High-foal and nursing mare
  • Mare
  • Foal
  • Versatile horse
  • Horse sprint
  • Rice bran

Mineral feed:

  • for mares – UNIMARE PL
  • for foals – MPU ŹREBAK
  • for horses – SIDER PL


Perfect, but what is the…


RICE BRAN is granulated rice bran, balanced with the addition of extruded linseed, dried carrots and herbal extracts. A natural product with a high fat content, rich in vitamins A, E, selenium and B vitamins – B1, B3, a source of gamma-oryzanol, micro- and macro-elements and valuable nutrients.
Rice bran is a feed additive that we propose to combine with our complementary feed. Can be served dry or wet.


is mineral feed, specially combined for mares. It’s rich in micro- and macroelements. Unimare contains microelements in an organic combination – chelates and selenomethionine, which is a sourse of high digestibility of minerals. It contains also live yeast cultures, brewer’s yeasts rich in crude protein and herbs to support the body’s immunity. Whole compound feed is made to support mare’s organism during pregnancy and lactation and to support for the developing fetus.


For foals we offer two products:

  1. Complementary granulated feed for foals and horses in the growing phase.
  2. Mineral feed.

Both of them contain high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper development of young horses. The presence of the latest generation of trace elements such as manganese, copper, zinc, selenomethionine with 100% bioavailability support the proper development and mineralization of joints and skeleton, preventing osteochondrosis and ensuring high digestibility of other nutrients; Herbs contained in the feed support the foal’s immune system and improve the palatability of the feed. Fodder yeast, biotine has a positive effect on the hoof horn and maintains a beautiful and healthy coat.


contains extruded linseed and fodder yeast; as a source of many natural health factors are a significant addition to the value of the SIDER PL mixture. They have a positive effect on the animal’s organism during digestive problems, disturbances of the intestinal flora, during weakness and decreased function. Yeast enriches the mixture with B vitamins. It has a positive effect on immune system of animals, supports regeneration of the body during intense effort,as well as during convalescence and it increases positive effects of fertilization though artificial insemination.